From an early age I knew I wanted to make a living creating art. I always loved watching cartoons, reading the cartoon strips in the newspaper and collecting comics!

In 1999 I started my art career doing caricatures at ValleyFair Amusement Park. I also did live caricatures at the Mall of America, various regional fairs and live events. I began to develop freelance opportunities through working with the public and from word-of-mouth.

I have illustrated two books for Salon Development Corporation(A Little More Off The Top and Over The Top). I illustrated a book for author Frank Freedman(Past Tales: A Corporate Refugee Bares All). I colored the graphic novel The Switch:Electricia for Dynamite Publishing(Artwork by Tom Nguyen and written by Keith Champagne). I also created illustrations for presentations for GeneralMills, and created hundreds of commissioned caricatures for gifts. I have done concept design, character design, package design and product design.

I’m currently creating commissioned artwork and doing video editing and animation!

What projects do YOU have that you want to work together on?