The Switch: Electricia

Writer: Keith Champagne – Art: Tom Nguyen Colors: Robb Miller

When infamous supervillain Electricia realizes she wants more out of life than evil and mayhem, she adopts a second costumed identity as The Switch and begins fighting crime instead of committing it. But when Electricia’s new life as a superhero brings her full circle against her former villainous allies, the cat-and-mouse-game she’s been playing quickly turns deadly. As her new enemies close in on Electricia, the question becomes not if she’ll survive her career as The Switch… but for how long?

Over The Top

Writers: Michael & Mary Cole Art: Robb Miller

Michael and Mary Cole have left no styling chair unturned in what is surely the definitive clientele development resource. Designed in a fun and easy to read format you’ll discover 200 plus pages of the best guest communication practices for achieving explosions in take home pay!

A Little More Off The Top

Writers: Michael & Mary Cole Art: Robb Miller

A fast, fun and simple to read book filled with golden nuggets and pearls of wisdom with one purpose in mind… to Explode Your Potential for financial prosperity, professional abundance and personal joy. Blast off your income to over $100,000 per year by: Breaking out of The Comfort Zone and overcoming fear, self-doubt and job burnout Getting out of your job and into your career!

A Corporate Refugee Bares ALL: Challenges Faced…Lessons Learned

Writer: Frank Freedman Art: Robb Miller

Frank Freedman helped to develop many medical devices that were life-saving or improved patient’s lives. He describes the ups and downs that led him to launch a long and successful career.

Stanley The Stinky Frog

Writer: Dan Overlander – Art: Robb Miller and Krysten Reis

Life in Frogtown is a pretty good deal for the most part. Somedays, it seems nothing ever goes the right way for Stanley! Faced by challenges and feeling discouraged, he finds out that the best way to get what you want is to keep on trying and do your own thing, no matter what.