To me, caricaturing is creating an exaggerated, humorous likeness that captures
the person’s personality and essence of who they are.

I enjoy working with my clients to
create a one-of-a-kind, personal gift.

Caricatures can also be a fun addition to the corporate setting. Instead of using stock clip art, why not use art that fits your message and complements your branding? By incorporating the presenter into your presentation materials, you’ll keep your audience engaged, entertained, and involved.

Caricatures are a great personalized one-of-a-kind gift, whether it’s for a friend’s birthday, Dad on Father’s Day, or a way to say “thank you” to a co-worker who is leaving the department or retiring from the company.

I create caricatures digitally, which means that I provide the final artwork to you as a link to download. You can then print the file at home or take it to a print service center and have it printed on any type of paper you like. I can also provide the final art in any format you choose (jpg, PDF, PowerPoint, etc). Digital artwork has several benefits — I can create it in any size you want, get it done faster, and deliver it instantly upon completion!

How I Work…

You provide me with reference photos of the person or people you want caricatured, along with reference photos for any additional specifics required (for example, a photo of a pet or company logo). If you have any sort of theme in mind, let me know that too.

Great reference photos = Great artwork!

  • The more photos, the better! It’s better to get too many photos than a couple that are hard to see.
  • Good lighting and clarity is important to get a likeness.
  • Larger sized photos are better for seeing details.

For the first step, I’ll do a rough sketch and send it to you for feedback. Generally, if provided with enough good photo reference, I can get a good likeness. After the rough sketch is approved, I will ink and color the illustration.

When the caricature is finished, I’ll provide you a link to download the image. If you prefer, I can also burn it to a disc and mail it.

I accept payment via PayPal, check, or via my Intuit invoicing service. Cost is dependent on the complexity of the illustration and the requested deadline.

Contact me to discuss your caricature!

Pets too!